19 Jul 2015

All quiet on 6m and 10m WSPR, so far

On both 6m and 10m WSPR I am just being spotted only by G stations with no sign of Es as yet. Of course, things can change very quickly, although at this time yesterday I was being spotted, or had spotted, many Europeans by Es.

UPDATE 1025z:  I was spotted by F5UBP (661km) on 10m WSPR a few minutes back by Es.

UPDATE 1045z:  All quiet still on 6m with WSPR spots exchanged only with G0OQK (98km) so far this morning and no 6m Es seen yet.

UPDATE 1118z:   CN8LI (2113km) was just spotted on 6m WSPR. I think he may have just switched his rig on as there was quite a bit of drift on his signal. I see he has also spotted me on 6m WSPR a couple of times.

UPDATE 1622z:  Plenty of 6m WSPR spots being exchanged with CN8LI (2113km) now.

UPDATE 1912z:  Very very little Es evident on 10m WSPR with just EA1KV (1304km) spotting me (once) earlier.

UPDATE 1938z:  So far today, the better Es has been on 6m rather than 10m.

UPDATE 2100z:  CN8LI (2113km) has spotted me 13 times today so far on 6m WSPR. Not bad.


Nick Garrod said...

I was talking with a ham at the McMichael Rally today who had a two way ssb contact with South America on six yesterday. Unfortunately I don't think there are any stations in South America active on WSPR. Nick G0OQK

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes, I have tried 6m WSPR now for a couple of Es seasons. Activity levels are too low, especially outside Europe. I am sticking with it, but will use other modes next summer on 6m probably.

Nick Garrod said...

Hi Roger,
Something that might interest you, is that I have just ordered from ebay a clone TCXO for the FT-817 from a Chinese seller. It is a plug in module, just as the Yaesu part, the big difference is that it is £10.99 delivered to the UK. I thought that it was worth a punt, as I do notice my frequency drift as the temperature changes. Regards. Nick G0OQK