2 Jul 2015

Back home again - so back on 10m and 6m WSPR

With the XYL at a pub near Eyam
For a couple of nights we have been away at a sibling reunion at my brother-in-law's in Lichfield.  So my blogging activity has been very low.This was my longest drive since my brain bleed (about 110 miles each way).

I am now back on 10m and 6m WSPR.


Nick Garrod said...

Hi Roger, glad your drive went ok. It must feel good to be able to expand your horizons again. I've been up in Norfolk for a few days for my Grandmother's funeral, who reached the ripe old age of 99. I'm driving back to Wycombe tomorrow. I see that my 6M WSPR has been busy today with, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Germany worked. I have left the station in the charge of my wife G7JBT and my daughter M6RVE. Regards Nick G0OQK

G1KQH said...

Just 7 miles down the road and I could of met up!


73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

Steve - I had no idea your QTH was so close to Lichfield.

G1KQH said...

So near so far!

15 mins drive from Rug, I could of been there is a flash!

We are so small on the map, not a place that pops up everyday in the Times like Cambs.. Never mind there is always next time :-)