7 Jul 2015

Furthermost G on 6m WSPR

G4IJM (271km) was spotted on 6m WSPR at 0908z today. This is the furthermost G that I have copied on 6m WSPR by any propagation other than Es or F2. I suppose it could have been some form of backscatter or aircraft assisted tropo?  Interesting distance. Unfortunately I was too late checking the trace to see if there was any evidence of aircraft reflections. Most signals  in the last hour from G0OQK (98km) have had some evidence of aircraft reflections - usually multiple traces every time the signal decodes.  IU1DZZ (973km) has been copied multiple times this morning by Es on 6m as has IK1NET (981km).

UPDATED 1343z:  Spots exchanged both ways with CN8LI (2113km) just after lunchtime on 6m WSPR.

UPDATE 1652z:  So far today CN8LI (2113km) has been spotted 9 times (sometimes very strongly) and he has spotted me twice.  I shall be going QRT on 10m and 6m late this evening and not stopping on overnight.

UPDATE 2028z:  CN8LI (2113km) has been spotted 14 times today so far and he has spotted me 10 times on 6m WSPR.

UPDATE 2125z:  I have only just seen that I was (yet again) spotted by 4X1RF (3519km) at 0738z this morning.

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