18 Jul 2015

Lincoln President Mk2

I have owned this rig for several months now but it hardly get used as I prefer, because of my poor voice, to run my WSPR beacon on 10m.  It certainly works well with my last QSO being a W8 on SSB.

In the picture, the small WSPR beacon is far left with the Lincoln  with green illumination on the left of the FT817s and to the right of the WSPR beacon.


G1KQH said...

Have you tried using it for PSK31 on 10m?

You just need to make up a set of leads to your interface box. Or you could make up a seperate box with a couple of isolation transformers and a transistor to key the rig..

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

No, I have only used it on SSB really so far.