10 Jul 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Friday July 10th 2015

Sunspot number is still 131 (K=1) and 10m is expected to remain "fair" .


2E0YJY (prev M6MAJ) said...

Slight competition stuff on 10 but not much.

Thanks for your blog Roger and the interaction between you and the "font of all knowledge" is enlightening.



G1KQH said...

Its like being next door neighbours, we get on like a house on fire!

73 Steve (The Font of all knowledge)

2E0YJY said...

Hi Steve. I learned a lot from your pipit article via your inter-dialogue with Roger.

Forget how I linked to it but it was informative. Through the China being cheap thing I think.


G1KQH said...

Glad you liked it Mike,

I am sure there will be more as time allows.

73 Steve