7 Jul 2015

Terrorism - NOT amateur radio

It is now 10 years since many people were killed in a terrorism attack in London. Terrorism is not the way and will never, ever, result in good.  No,  hearts and minds are changed by acts of true love and kindness, and by forgiveness.  This may take a long time, but it ultimately is the best way.

I am moved to tears when I read of Japanese soldiers and their captives in WW2 forgiving past wrongs. In the past nearly every nation has done great wrong. The world would be a happier place if we were all able to forgive and work constructively for a fairer, just world. Each of us has a small part to play by doing our bit to make a kinder world.

Although not a Quaker, I have much sympathy with their quiet way of peace. It was the Quakers who encouraged both sides to work constructively for peace in Northern Ireland. Who would have thought that Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley would sit together and enjoy a laugh? 15 years before this would have been unthinkable.

No, in the end talking true peace and reconciliation is the only way, not bombs and bullets. Bombs and bullets ultimately stir up more hate.

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