15 Jul 2015

The next few solar cycles

According to recently published UK forecasts the next few solar cycles will be very poor with abysmal conditions on the higher bands but good LF and MF conditions

See http://www.amateurradio.com/solar-cycle-25-and-beyond/

Looks like many will not see a return to good 
HF conditions in our lifetimes.


Dick said...

Those with little real-estate (like me) will have antenna difficulties when longer wires for low-band operations are required. Harder to disguise or hide for those living in USA HOA communities.

QRP will be very difficult.

If 20 meters and higher are mostly unusable, the lower bands will be very crowded.

Your VLF experiments should prove interesting.

73 F8WBD

G1KQH said...

There is always the telephone :-)

Roger G3XBM said...

In my experience 10m is open N-S far more often than is realised. I have worked S.Americans with QRP SSB in every sunspot minimum wij simple wire antennas. The main problem is people desert the v
10m band as they don't expect it! 10m is good for Es every summer too. If people stick with 10m WSPR we'll find the band is better than people believe.