5 Jul 2015

Yaesu copy?

Latest from G1KQH (font, or is it fount?, of all knowledge):

Just brought to my attention by G0FTD
Chinese Michael takers 

You can bet its Baofeng based?

73 Steve
It amazes me that no copyright is safe in China. They will, it appears, rip off any radio. Even the name is a give away. But note the ridiculously low retail price.

Yaesu watch your backs. The Chinese are on the march and you are in the firing line!

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Hugh said...

As you say, the design seems v. similar to Baofeng, which is not similar to any Japanese radio (and, may I say, actually very robust!). The only thing that changed is the name. At least they did not use the same name (unlike some Japanese ICOM CB radios in the '80s ). Sure its cheeky, but I don't see anything illegal here (except perhaps the harmonics radiated, but that's a different story). I love how all these far-east goods always have the CE stickers.... no, not Conformité Européenne, but "Chinese Expoert" ha ha. Hugh G6AIG