19 Aug 2015

10m Es but nothing seen on 6m WSPR

In the end, 10m WSPR sprang to life later in the day, but only Gs seen on 6m WSPR. This was not the great Es opening I was (half) hoping for today.

UPDATE 2050z:   I think I might QSY from 6m to 630m (472kHz) overnight with my earth-electrode "antenna".

UPDATE 2106z:  QSYed from 6m to 630m and did a hard reset of the 10m beacon. Will be on 10m and 630m WSPR overnight. 6m was a dead loss today, so hoping for better luck on 630m despite the lower ERP on MF.

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Jan, OZ9QV said...

Here 6m sprang to life in the evening, mainly to SE Europe from me, but I did hear TF as the first thing, though he disappeared too fast for me to make a QSO.

For a few hours the beacon SV3BSF/B in KM08 came in here.

But the WSPR activity is probably not so well suited for registering Es propagation.

No HF antenna (yet), so no 10m reports from me ;)

Jan, OZ9QV