11 Aug 2015

10m Es

So the kit was working after all. IU1DZZ (973km) has been spotting me over lunchtime quite well by Es. No other Es spots received yet on 10m WSPR.

On 10m WSPR I am 100% TX (frequency randomised every 2 mins) but on 6m WSPR I am looking 80% of the time on RX and sending all spots to WSPRnet.

UPDATE 1315z:   F1TZG (876km) is also spotting my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon. 10m is livening up now. He was also spotted on 6m WSPR much earlier in the day.

UPDATE 2140z:   Well there has been 10m Es on WSPR just about all day. This must rank as one of the best days for 10m Es all summer.

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