8 Aug 2015

136kHz QRSS3 field test maybe?

If I can manage it (health worries) I want to try a test with my 136kHz QRSS3 beacon and earth-electrode antenna from my current QTH. Last time, several years ago, from the old QTH, I managed to copy my signals quite well on the far side of Cambridge using an E-field probe on the car roof. This time my aims are far more modest: I just want to see if I can copy the signal at all in my usual carpark test site about 1.8km away. If I can copy the signal, I might ask others to take a look. It is so long since I used this kit I have forgotten what is inside the box!

My biggest challenge will be reassembling the RX kit as I am still very wobbly. 15-20 minutes and I am normally "done in", especially if this involves physical or mental effort. I wish so much I was fit and well again.

I know I have to be patient, but at the same time I need to get the most from my body as it is now. Although I still get tired, I seem to regain a more normal  state more quickly than I did, which is hopeful.

Although I am hopeful of a full recovery, given more time, I am beginning to think I shall always have some level of disability. I need to know my absolute limits. If this is the end of field work it will be a very sad day.

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