10 Aug 2015

136kHz QRSS3 test

Well, I have found most of the bits needed for my 136kHz QRSS3 test including the E-field probe (EFP) to mount on the car roof. I need to solder 1 short BNC to free end coax in the E-field probe and charge up a PP3 battery (for the EFP) and the FT817.  I also need to match the beacon to the earth electrode "antenna" at 136kHz.  I shall start copying the beacon in the lounge first before venturing out in the field.

Although I now have a preamp for the (deaf) FT817 thanks to a very very kind person, I'll not use this as I did not use one on the last test 2 years ago from the old QTH.

A few years ago this would have been so easy to do. Now it is a major exercise! Life is so much harder now since the stroke, but I remain determined to get better. Given time (maybe a lot more time) I hope things get back to more as they once were.

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