13 Aug 2015

136kHz test?

Between tomorrow and Sunday I have 2 major aims.

Firstly I need to test my 40,30,20 and 15m K1 rig as someone wants to buy it. It should be fine. I have not used it at this QTH but has worked some good DX on all bands in the past. As "surplus to requirements" I shall be really pleased that someone else will enjoy using it.

Secondly, I want to try my QRSS3 136kHz beacon using my E-field probe on the car on RX. I have managed to get the E-field probe back together again and will test things on RX in the lounge first using the EFP, FT817 and PC.  I have still to match my beacon to the earth-electrode "antenna" on TX but this should be easy.

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