14 Aug 2015

2m big wheel arrives

My 2m big wheel antenna has arrived. I now need to find a kind local to help erect it. It needs 2 brackets fixing and the coax attaching.

In the past this would have been trivial for me, but sadly not in my present state of health. Anything above head height and I feel giddy. Work on ladders is impossible. I hate being like this.


G1KQH said...

If I was living across the road, I would be straight over with the ladders.

It will be interesting once you get it up and running to see sort of results you get? I may join you in buying one, if found to be satisfactory, I think the days of big ants have gone for me too, although I do have a couple of small beams still erected for 4m and 6m.

73 Steve..

Todd Dugdale said...

What coax did you decide to go with?


Roger G3XBM said...

Todd, I have a length of RG213 which is pretty low loss on 2m. I checked it is in good condition. It already has been cut to the right length and has the right plugs at each end. This was the feeder I used on my original antenna.