4 Aug 2015

2m digital TV

At the moment I am doing a test over a 7 mile path with G3KKD who has a 1W 2m digital TV TX.  The signal is getting across the path, but too weak to decode. We are about to try a different 2m antenna at my end. G3KKD wants to try the path to Luton (he has a friend Arthur there) but wanted to try this shorter path first. There is a core of keen DATV experimenters all trying to reach each other.  I am not sure if anyone in the UK is using the 4m NoV band for digital TV tests.

UPDATE 1652z:   Success!  Using Ian's 3el 2m antenna on his portable mast we were able to see pictures well over the 7 mile path with 1W DATV on 2m. This means my antenna or feeder are not working correctly. When I swap to a big-wheel or big-wheel stack with new feeder it may well perform better than I expect.

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