11 Aug 2015

70cm UKAC tonight

I have just received a contest reminder from the RSGB contest committee:
This contest takes place on Tue 11-Aug-2015 19:00 UTC
The rules for the contest can be found here
As I really have no suitable horizontally polarised antennas now on 70cm, I shall try with my 2m halo and V2000 triband vertical. I am only expecting to hear and work locals on 70cm tonight. I shall not stop on too long. It will be interesting to see how these "compromise" antennas perform on 70cm.

UPDATE 1945z:  In the end I only stopped on 70cms for just over 30 minutes but worked 3 of the locals on the 2m halo, which matched well on 70cm SSB. My 2m halo and V2000 are fed with lossy RG58 coax. I decided I had enough with my poor voice and poor antennas. I have now returned to 6m JT6M RX only.

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