5 Aug 2015


There are some really kind people in the world.  I have received so many kind and caring emails in the last 18 months all wishing me a speedy recovery from my stroke. Thank you.

Today, in the post, was a small package containing a professional PCB with a built preamp for 136/472kHz. There wasn't even a postmark on the stamp and no note inside. Some kind and generous person just posted me this anonymously.  I honestly can't thank you enough. This is so kind. It will definitely get used.

When you see all the hate and cruelty in our world it is easy to think that most people are unkind. They are not. My stroke has taught me that there are very very many kind and caring people in this world. This very kind person did not even want to reveal his identity. Thank you. I really really appreciate your kindness.

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