27 Aug 2015

Another new Yaesu - FT410

News via G1KQH (font of all knowledge) of yet another new Yaesu transceiver this also looks like "catch up" as it is very similar to the ICOM IC718 transceiver. You have to look twice! There is a front mounted LS just like the IC718 and no 6m coverage. This is obviously an entry level HF radio.

I wonder if they realise (rather too late) that their prices are too high? With a recent devaluation of the Chinese currency they must be waking up to the increasing threat from China. The Japanese "big three" must see the threat building. Most western goods (amateur and non-amateur) are now made in China, often in sweat shops where labour costs are rock bottom. This is not good. At the moment, I agree there is no direct equivalent to ICOM, Yaesu and Kenwod coming out of China, but surely the Chinese will wake up and make radios with a worldwide market and volumes around 500000? My recent President Lincoln Mk II was made in China. I can see a Chinese FT817 replacement equivalent (with decent quality) could be a game changer.

The new 100W radio from Yaesu covers 50MHz RX but not TX. With an IF near 4m, 4m coverage is very unlikely. It looks like the FT991 will spawn several "catch-up" transceivers. It is sad to see Yaesu in "catch up" mode. At one time they led the field. Are their days numbered? As a Yaesu fan for over 40 years, I hope not.

See  http://radioaficion.com/cms/ft-410-yaesu/

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