2 Aug 2015

Back to 472kHz WSPR tonight

As 6m has proved predictable with little in the way of DX around, I shall be going back to 472kHz WSPR this evening. As my ERP is still very low (5mW) I do not expect many to copy me at this time of the year. I shall remain on 10m WSPR at the same time, but may decide to go QRT overnight on the 10m band.

UPDATE 1623z:  I QSYed from 6m down to 630m at 1600z. Still on 10m WSPR at same time. No MF WSPR spots given or received on MF as yet.

UPDATE 1950z:  It is still light here. So far, no spots given or received on 472kHz WSPR. Maybe things will improve after dark?  This s my worst start on 472kHz WSPR this summer.

UPDATE 2056z:  At 2038z G8HUH (250km) was spotted. He is one of the better stations on the band, so not too surprised to copy him. He has copied me on 472kHz WSPR this summer. He is my best DX on 136kHz from the old QTH. I have not tried 136kHz from this QTH with the shorter baseline earth-electrode "antenna", well not yet.

UPDATE 2100z:  I have just been spotted on 472kHz WSPR by G6AVK (78km).

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