16 Aug 2015

Failed 136kHz QRSS3 test

Well, I optimised my 136kHz QRSS3 beacon match into my earth electrode "antenna" used on 472kHz and tested it in the house and right outside. All looked promising, so I headed for my local car-park about 1.8km  away. I was quite confident that with an E-field probe on the car I'd get a decent result. From the old QTH I got to the far side of Cambridge before I gave up as copy was so good!

Not a dicky bird - nothing at all, indeed I only got copy again when I entered our close at a range of a few hundred metres. As at VLF, the earth electrode "antenna" at this QTH is useless.

Not only that but at the end of the test I realise how poorly I still must be as I was totally exhausted. In my fitter days this test would have been totally trivial, but not any more. I think my trees and short baseline make this "antenna" totally out of the question at this QTH at LF. I need a better antenna for LF and MF use.

So, 136kHz was bad. A poor result and quite a lot worse than I was expecting. I was hoping for an encouraging result, but none was to be had.


Ken May said...

Hi Roger,
sorry to hear your 136KHz experiments did not produce the results you expected. Did you not also have an 80m loop as part of your earth electrode antenna' at your previous QTH?

I have been monitoring 136KHz in both WSPR2 and WSPR15 modes, but although I hear DK land etc I have never had a 'spot' reported on 136 with my meagre earth system.

Dont give up. there is no result such as a 'bad' result, only unexpected results!

73 Ken G4APB

Roger G3XBM said...

What this taught me is I need a much better LF and MF antenna this coming autumn and winter. It also showed me just how exhausting previously simple field work is proving.