2 Aug 2015

G4IKZ beaming south on 10m?

My local 10m WSPR reporter G4IKZ (18km) must have his Moxon beam aimed south as he has not spotted me for some hours, even though he is reporting Spanish stations by Es. My 500mW WSPR beacon has not been spotted for some hours now by anyone.  10m is definitely harder going on WSPR than it was. I hope things improve as autumn comes.

At the moment there are 31 stations worldwide shown as active on 10m WSPR. A little while back this would have been 100 or more. There may be more who have not spotted/been spotted in the last 10 minutes, but numbers are down.

UPDATE 1620z:  I QSYed from 6m down to 630m at 1600z. Still on 10m WSPR at same time. No MF WSPR spots given or received on MF as yet.

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