17 Aug 2015

Just a quiet day on 10m and 6m WSPR

DK0SC (827km) was spotted on 10m WSPR this afternoon by Es, but still only Gs by tropo and aircraft on 6m. So far, this has turned out to be a pretty disappointing day.

If my theories are right, I expect to spot, and be spotted by, more northerly/Scandinavians this evening on 10m. Classical theory says this is Es, but I am less sure. E-layer yes, but Es?

UPDATE 1455z:  So far, a couple of afternoon Es spots by DK0SC on 10m WSPR, but still quiet on 6m WSPR. On 6m, I am 80% RX ,with 20% TX. We are definitely seeing less Es than earlier in the summer. The Es season is far from over though, although I am looking forward to some real F2 DX again on 10m as autumn approaches. As I said before, I expect one more good autumn and winter on 10m before 10m starts to behave more like a VHF band again. Even then there will be some good days.We just have to catch them! Of course, Es livens up 10m from late April to September at any point in the sunspot cycle. Some even think Es is better in the quiet sun years. 10m requires a great deal more patience in those quiet years. That is why a fully dedicated 10m WSPR beacon makes sense allowing you to get on with other things on other bands, whilst still keeping a watch on 10m by looking at WSPRnet.

UPDATE 1848z:  ON7KB (299km) was spotted on 6m WSPR late-afternoon. This was tropo and aircraft and not Es. So, it looks like a day without 6m Es, at least on WSPR.

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