24 Aug 2015

More on the IC7300 and the FT817 replacement

See http://yo9irf.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/icom-reveals-first-sdr-ic-7300.html .

YO9IRF has been collecting data on the ICOM IC7300. Although no 2m or 70cm it looks like the first true SDR radio from the big players in Japan.

He also tells me the Yaesu personnel dropped a hint that the long awaited FT817 replacement would be launched at Dayton next year. Personally, I think Yaesu badly misjudged the market and should have launched this when the peak of cycle 24 was still building. They are 3-4 years too late! What a sales opportunity wasted. Now, with waning solar activity that could last for 30-40 years, who will buy it? They had a ready market for half a million units worldwide. It had better have some really strong features if it is to sell in 2016 onwards.


Anonymous said...

As you may have read by now, it will have 4m. According to a Dutch hamshop, introduction price is probably 979 euro. I suppose it should go for the same price in pounds. Interesting radio.

YO9IRF said...

Thank for the link Roger.

Indeed rough times seem to come for 5W portable operations, but that won't stop some of us (me, at least) to jump at FT-817's successor. Extra info I UNOFFICIALLY got is that it will still be 160m to 70cm but first IF at 69.xx MHz so no 4m coverage, wich i hope they will change in the meantime. I told them we SOTA guys want about 20W, internal ATU, better power efficiency and maybe better RX performance, but slim chances that info will make it to the R&D department.

Razvan (YO9IRF)

Fred Handscombe said...

So if the IC7300 is on sale for €979 why pay more in UK, just order from Hamshop NL

There is no problem dealing with European dealers and their service is often faster than UK dealers. Somehow they seem to get very reasonable shipping costs as well, another "rip off Britain" effect.

Make the most ifthe "Common market" while we are still in it :-)

73 Fred G4BWP