27 Aug 2015

No Es on 10m WSPR or 6m WSPR here today, so far

Both the higher bands have been without Es here today on WSPR. Others, in different locations and using busier modes, may have been luckier.  Still no F2 propagation seen yet on 10m WSPR although I expect this will change in September. In September 2014 we were seeing F2 propagation to the USA. With falling solar conditions it may be later this autumn. I think it very unlikely we'll see any 6m transatlantic openings this autumn and winter, but a sudden burst of solar activity could suddenly change that.


Jan, OZ9QV said...

Today has seen poor propagation across the board. Figures, because last night I finished setting up my HF dipole (which by the way seems to work nicely, despite the feed point being only about 7m up). So I am not surprised that the higher bands have been "out of business".

So Roger - it's all my fault ;) .

73, Jan OZ9QV

Roger G3XBM said...

No Jan, conditions have just been poor today. Definitely NOT your fault, HI.

Good luck with the new HF dipole when better conditions return.