21 Aug 2015

Overnight on 10m and 630m

I went on 10m WSPR late last night and see that a couple of Italians were spotting me around midnight local time by Es. No other spots received since on 10m. On 630m (472kHz) WSPR overnight on the earth-electrode "antenna" was a total blank with no stations spotted or spotting me. I think the band is too noisy still?

UPDATE 0834z:  At the present time I am on 10m and 6m WSPR. On 10m 100% TX 500mW (frequency randomised) and on 6m 20% TX (1W ERP) and 80% RX using the V2000 vertical. As usual, G0OQK (98km) is being spotted on 6m WSPR (he has spotted me once so far) by a combination of tropo and aircraft reflection.

UPDATE 0940z:  I wonder if G0OQK spots me less on 6m WSPR (than I spot him) because he has a noisier RX set-up or because my ERP is lower than his?

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