31 Aug 2015

Sputnik commemoration days

Every year a few hams come on HF to commemorate the launching of the very first satellite, Sputnik 1.  Many try to use identical valve rigs as used in the original. I came on a few years ago with G6ALB and G4NUA on 15m CW and our QRPp TX  CQ was answered by a stateside station.
Dear Space Friends,

> After my calls I will always tune my receiver +/- 10 kHz for any answer,
> so no need to be "spot on". Peter - PA0PJE

I do the same so using my vxo 50 mW a-la "Vanguard" TX on Ge pnp
transistors GT320B (ex USSR type) and my RX is DC on 4 Ge pnp
transistors (two diodes mixer by RA3AAE Vlad Poliakov). So even my
QRPppp TX blocked receiver and I can't to check my TX frequency
exactly. Therefore after my CQ I tune RX some kHz around of 14060
looking for reply. So, don't worry to be out of zero-beat calling me.
Usually I QRV in the QRP "rendezvous" Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.00
UTC at 14060 +/- Each QSO appreciate for my milliwatts!
P.S. Just visited ON6WJ blog page and enjoyed very much - excellent!

72! beep-beep-beep...
Deep Space Communications Center
operator on duty -
Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB 

Dear Friends,

just  inform  you about Sputnik activity days in October 4 to 18. See
details at the Club 72 web - www.club72.su - "Sputnik Days" in menu.
Three categories:
- Sputniks - TX with old type valves (1950'th preferably), ID is series
of beep-beep-beep... in transmission
-  Vanguard  -  TX on old Ge transistors (pnp 50'th preferably), ID is
series of "V" in transmission
- SWL - copy Sputniks and Vanguards CQs or QSOs
All  operators may take a part in 2 or 3 categories at once (separate
Remind  the  output  power  of  the  1'st  Sputnik was 0,7 watts, but
Vanguard's TX was only 10 mW. I strongly recommend to limit power less
than  1 watt for Sputnik category and less than 100 mW for Vanguards.
That's not contest. Just for fun!
There  are  audio  of  Sputnik-1  and  Vanguard-1 beacons on the page
Sputnik Days. Enjoy milliwatting, homebrewing, Space radio spirit.

If  you'd like to join the Sputnik reflector (by English) send e-mail
request  to  the  "Center  of  Space  Communications" :-) means to my
e-address "mr72".
P.S.  Many  thanks Jos ON6WJ for announce and assistance. Sputnik and
Vanguard ideas by Michael AA1TJ and Oleg RV3GM

Wish you all the best, 72!
Oleg "Mr. 72" RV3GM / KH6OB
See http://on6wj-sputnik.blogspot.be/2011/10/sputnik-made-in-belgium.html for some ideas.

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Dick said...

I was attending USAF radio operator school at the time. We were lined up to march off to class. Was early in the morning and still very dark. We witnessed a bright light passing high overhead. Thought it was a meteor. Later learned it was Sputnik. An antenna was set up to monitor the beeps. Quite a day.