8 Aug 2015

Stroke after effects - NOT amateur radio

Even nearly 2 years after my brain bleed I am still discovering after effects. One of these is a slowness with written errors. It is rare for me to write an error-free blog post but I seem much slower at spotting the errors that I make. In the end, I usually get it right, but I apologise if you read the blogs before I have found and corrected the mistakes. At one time, typos or spelling mistakes were easy to spot, but I am finding these much harder to spot than I did. I am pretty sure this is a result of my stroke, although it could be old age!

UPDATE 2100z:  Of all my stroke symptoms my poor voice is the most disabling. Some people cannot hear what I say and I get very frustrated. Some treat me as simple, but really it is just that I find speech hard work. My intellect is still sharp and I still feel like my "old me". Many say how well I look. In many ways this is a bad thing as they expect me to be fine totally. No, in some ways life would be easier with a more visible disability. I just want to be better. Being less than fully human has gone on far too long now.

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