27 Aug 2015

Stroke : yet more after-effects? - NOT amateur radio

This morning my XYL was talking about a road in our village. I could not remember at all where this road was. Most things I remember well, but it was as if this part of my memory has been erased. I am pretty sure this is yet another artifact of my stroke and nothing else. Of course, I wonder what else is missing! I need triggers to jolt my memory. Oddly, since the jolt this morning I have had no problem at all remembering where this road is. It is as if I needed the jolt to recall the memory.  Another thing: I seem to be far more emotional than before. Things that would not have made me tearful can bring on the tears nowadays. I am sure this is my stroke. Overall, I still feel giddy, still have problems with thin drinks and certain things still exhaust me. To others I look perfectly well, whereas inside I still feel very poorly. In many ways if I looked less well I might be better understood.


Barry Mayson said...

Hi was looking for info on the FT410 but cam across this in your blog. I totaly understand about the memory I had a bad accident and ended up with a brain injury that messes up my short term memory and also what they call executive functions. I think they mean the power to make decissions and work out problems. Anyway the point is yes I feel like you and it does take trigger words to remember things and also it may take a few minutes to remeber something espercially if you are in a conversation and it triggers something it takes sometimes minutes to remeber but by that time the conversation has moved on. It also makes a little emotional at times not always at an obviuos target. I have learnt to not stress over the memory problem if I do I get frustrated and angry with my self. It also helps to lie down and relax during the day if it is at all busy it helps. This is some of the therepy that the brain injury team taught me and the wife. As i had physical disabilitys it was easier for me as people knew I had a problem. But you dont seem to have that to tell people to understand. I also had my wife who everybody ignored but she was trying to come to terms with my problems it was not obvious to any body that she was suffering and there were no outward signs of her trouble we did get some councilling for her in the end. The reason I wrote this is to encourage you as it will get easier not better to deal with things, the problems do not go away but you learn to live with them and learn ways arround them I am still learning know many years after.

Best whishes Barry G1LHL/EA5

Roger G3XBM said...

Barry, good luck with finding the info you are looking for on the FT410. Thank you for the kind wishes regarding the stroke after-effects. It is not easy to come to terms with life changes, both for me and my wife. Although I am still hoping for a full recovery, given yet more time, I am starting to think some things may never get fully back to as I once was. Only time will tell.