13 Aug 2015

"Web price is best or call"

FT991 from Yaesu
The ongoing saga of the FT991 price fall continues. The phrase in the title is from the latest advert by MLS in Radcom.  It looks like they know the price is too high but are looking to see who drops the price first - a kind of game of "chicken". The best price advertised is £1139. Meanwhile the FT450D (HF and 6m) is just £499 from Waters and Stanton.  I confidently predict the price of the FT991 from the major retailers will drop to £999, or even less, soon.


G1KQH said...

I will stick my neck out and predict in less than two years, it will be £849 plus or minus 50 Quid..

g4brk said...

Looks like a nice rig, but why no 4m? - they would sell loads in Europe if it did have.

Roger G3XBM said...

I think no 4m as the IF is very close to 4m. This is a pity and a downside compared with the IC7100 in Europe. Of the two radios I still prefer the FT991 though, at the right price.