19 Aug 2015


Although I enjoyed WSPR long before my stroke, I have used this mode a lot in recent times.  My voice is still poor and I find speech modes tiring. WSPR is a one-way beaconing tool. It is ideal for antenna work and propagation experiments. I enjoy using it especially on 6m, 10m and 630m although I have used it on other bands too. You only need very low power. Even with just 5mW ERP from my earth-electrode "antenna" on 630m it has spanned over 1000km. On 10m my 500mW WSPR has been copied on every continent. WSPR is a good test of receiving systems too, especially on MF and LF.  If you have not tried WSPR, I can recommend it. Start by looking for WSPR signals and be sure to upload what you copy to WSPRnet.

UPDATE 1105z:   So far a very quiet morning on 10m and 6m WSPR.

See https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/hf/wspr .

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