22 Sep 2015

6m UKAC this evening

Tonight was the 6m leg of the RSGB's UKAC activity contests. I only have a V2000 vertical so I am really not equipped for 6m contests. Nonetheless, I came on and worked 3 locals who were strong with me. Being cross polarised I was probably losing many S-points. Again, I was only running about 1W ERP vertical via lossy coax. G4BWP, G6UW and G3PYE/P were worked at good strength. A few stations at decent range were heard but not worked in the short time my voice allowed me to be active. All stations worked were in JO02 square. I may submit an entry, although I shall be at the bottom of the AL (low power) section! I think 6m contests would be more successful with a halo.

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