17 Sep 2015

FT991 price dropping

Yaesu FT991
MLS are advertising a time limited offer of the FT991 and a bundled SMPSU at £1149.95. Now there will soon be an ICOM competitor albeit with no 2m/70cm but with 4m in the European version (and arguably a better radio?) at less than £1000 in the form of the IC7300.

No, I confidently predict the FT991 will sell for less than £1000 before the year is ended.  If you are in the market for a 100W radio it is a toss-up between the IC7300 (SDR based) and the FT991. At the moment, the IC7300 looks better value.

Yaesu may announce a (long awaited) FT817 replacement at Dayton next spring but don't expect to see units in Europe before autumn 2016 or later, is my bet.  The Yen exchange rate has vastly improved (making Japanese goods less expensive to buy) and now the FT991 has a serious rival - result is Yaesu has to drop its price for the FT991 or they lose out. My advise is wait a few months.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Although I like my small Yaesu FT-817 I would never buy a Yaesu radio other then that. I really know too many people that have technical problems with Yaesu radios sooner or later. Not that Icom never have problems but I'm impressed with my Icom IC-706MK2G. It had only a minor fault in 17 years which I could repair myself. And I can tell you that the radio gets glowing hot when contesting, not really good for electronics. If I would buy a new one it certainly will be a Icom again. Anyway, I talk about reliability then of course. If you talk about other specs Yaesu does make very good and sensitive radios. In the end it is just a feeling I guess. You choose the one that gives you peace in mind. 73, Bas

The Hole Tooth said...

Price dropped to £991