25 Sep 2015

FT991 price HAS dropped

MLS are selling the FT991 now at £999.95 with free UK delivery.  I was right about the price dropping, but they dropped it sooner than I expected.

There is going to be a price war between the FT991 and the IC7300. This is just the first salvo. I can now see them both below £899 for Christmas.

At the moment I think the IC7300 will be a better radio, but with a price war likely now there will be strong competition between ICOM and Yaesu.  A price of £799 for both would no longer surprise me. ICOM will have more chance of slashing price and still being profitable with their SDR architecture. Personally, I'd prefer 4m to 70cm and 2m, although having 2m and 70cm makes the FT991 more of "a station in a box". It is quite likely there may be early issues with both radios. It is often better to wait a few months until these are ironed out and prices fall a bit.


Paul Stam said...

It's always difficult to choose. There is a seller in the Netherlands who wants to sell the IC 7300 for under a thousand euros.The same price as the FT911. I am a Yaesu man. And I like to have 50 watts for SSB/CW for 2 meter. But the SDR of the IC7300 is also a nice thing to have. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul PC4T

Roger G3XBM said...

At the moment I have my eyes on the IC7300. Having 50W SSB on 6m and 4m would be useful. Mind you, the same power on 2m and 70cm would be useful too so I have not ruled out the FT991 either!

Roger G3XBM said...

I still think the final price of the IC7300 will be below that of the FT991 because of the SDR architecture.

G1KQH said...

I think I can wait for another 10 years..

73 Steve