20 Sep 2015

GB3VHF off?

Although I can copy beacons in Holland and Belgium on 2m and GB3LEU NW of Leicester (432.490MHz) on 70cms with my 2m big-wheel antenna, GB3VHF in Kent (144.430MHz) was absent when I looked earlier this afternoon (around 1340z). Maybe it is off for maintenance or they plan to co-site the new UHF beacon? Anyway, the big-wheel is great. Beacons are great for checking propagation when there are no active stations about.

Anyone know about GB3VHF please?


G6AVK_QRPp said...

Hi Roger,

GB3VHF is indeed off the Air. Due to Antenna changes for the instalation of GB3UHF.


73 Colin - G6AVK

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Colin. The new GB3UHF beacon should be useful.

G6AVK_QRPp said...

Your welcome Roger...

Beacons on 70cms are scarce these days so it will indeed prove useful.

73 Colin

Anonymous said...

Nice beacon,shame about the website :-(