22 Sep 2015

Good Es on 10m WSPR today

This afternoon there has been some decent Es on 10m. Others, using other modes, have seen some decent F2 DX as well. My 500mW WSPR was obviously not enough or there was low activity on WSPR. I have no idea if 6m WSPR was good for Es as I have not been on that band today. The moral is never give up on 10m Es. It is still there at any time of the year, but not as common as in the peak Es months.
Unique 10m WSPR spots of my 500mW beacon today.


Jan, OZ9QV said...

Good to see 10m in better shape again.

Today I could hear 4 continents, Asia (Arabic countries), Africa and South America. on F2, and Europe, mainly Slovenia/Croatia on Es. If the trend continues 10 will be really good this winter half of the year.

Anonymous said...

Unless it was a mistake W1VR was heard by IU1DZZ, which is the first transatlantic I have seen since late Spring on 10M. I also saw FR1GZ reported by 2 USA stations, which is also a welcome milestone.