8 Sep 2015

Seasons - NOT amateur radio

As I grow older, the seasons seem to come around much more quickly. The long, light evenings are no more as we start the autumn and the run towards Christmas. Soon the shops will be filled with Christmas tat as the shops cash in commercially.  In some shops Christmas starts now!

It seems no time at all since the spring when the trees were showing that newness of fresh green and the summer migrants were arriving from Africa.

As one gets older I have learnt to enjoy every season. We are lucky in the UK to have seasons and each has its own pleasures if we just open our eyes  and let the seasons flow over us.

Autumn is a season of rich colours, newly turned soil and fresh starts. Winter can have those bright cold days when the trees are bare, or warm evenings inside when the TV and fire beckon. Spring is when the summer migrants return, when the birds make new nests and sing for all it is worth. Buds appear and the bulbs in the garden spring forth with vigor. Summer is when the flowers come into full bloom - and the grass needs cutting very regularly!

Every time of the year is special and should be enjoyed. We will blink and autumn and winter will be gone and those long summer evenings will be here again, but each of us has one fewer year to enjoy.  Those long summer evenings will come and go.

No, enjoy every moment and every season. Enjoy the now.


John said...

Well said Roger. It seems so recent that we were excited by the arrival of the Ospreys back at Dyfi in Wales. Now after a good breeding season, which produced three healthy chicks, they are all on their way to west Africa. The male, who is always the last to leave left early morning last Friday. Sad to see the end of their short time with us.
Keep up the interesting Blog.
John - GW3OIN.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks John,

You (and I) will blink and they will be back! I always treasure seeing the first swifts around the end of April here. To me, the screaming swifts signify the start of summer here. I love seeing and hearing them.

Jan, OZ9QV said...

A wise person once said :

"Savour the moments, for in the end that is al we have." So yes savour any and all the good experiences you have (or have had).