10 Sep 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Thurs Sept 10th 2015

Sunspot number is 49 today (K=1) but 10m is expected to remain "poor".


Hugh said...

Today, here at 08:40 UT this morning , (10 mins ago) 10m opened like a switch!!

I had my SDR Rx running, so could see the entire band. In the space of a few
seconds, there were 2 Ionosonds, 3 beacons and 1 SSB station visible.
Still hearing 5B4CY/b in cyprus but fading in and out, so unstable at moment.
10m might be good today! G6AIG (Paris)

Hugh said...

Sorry, I meant 08:40 UK time (07:40 UT) and -9:40 French time. :-)

Roger G3XBM said...

K=1 suggests undisturbed conditions. We could see some 10m F2 today. The 5B4 beacon was probably F2 Hugh.

Hugh said...

Yes Roger, It seems very unstable. It just opened up again(10:03 UK time), very strongly to Italy, with IW3FZQ/B beacon, a few illegal FM carriers and sweeping CW tones. This lasted about 2 minutes.
There is a beacon on 28.232 SV2AHT that is just in noise but seems with less QSB.. I am copying it at the moment
it seems to be everything or nothing at the moment!

Nick Garrod said...

.At 07:24 GMT my 10M 200mW beacon was spotted by FR1GZ on Reunion Island, my best DX for some time.

Glad you enjoyed your trip to the coast, when I was at Blythburgh a couple of weeks ago, the rain was hammering down.

Nick G0OQK