13 Sep 2015

Tenbox 10m AM transceiver (again)

10m (28MHz) will probably be in decent shape for another 12 months, possibly more. After that, apart from summertime Es and the occasional N-S F2, the band will behave more like a VHF band again.  Even now, it makes a decent band for local natters, when the band is "closed" for DX, especially in the dark evenings. If you are interested in local QSOs on 10m, you might care to start with my Tenbox transceiver (29-29.1MHz is where most 10m AM is concentrated), which is a 250mW AM design. I started this before my stroke. It is really unfinished and it could do with a TX linear amp and a LS amp for the RX. It is a very simple design, based on low cost parts, which can be used as inspiration for your own project. This uses a very simple RX and it is not designed for AM DXing, although it has copied Ws on 10m AM. The RX, although simple, is very sensitive on AM. There is a video on the link below.
See https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/hf/tenbox .

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