20 Dec 2015

20m JT9-1 QSOs

As WSPRnet has been "flaky" of late I gave 20m JT9-1 a go, looking for some 2-way QSOs. It seems busier on this mode than I recall, but this may just be conditions. Anyway, I managed 2 QSOs (HA and YO) and according to PSK Reporter my signal was reaching Canada and the USA. Not bad considering my 2.5W and low 20m antenna. A good change. I must use this mode more in 2016.

UPDATE 1622z:  I have returned to 472kHz WSPR for the evening and night with 5mW ERP (20%) TX and RX without a preamp (80%). I still use the earth-electrode "antenna" on 472kHz. F6GEX (590km) was the first station spotted on 472kHz WSPR this evening. Others include DK7FC (669km) and G8HUH (250km) and PA0A (417km).


Jan Lustrup LA3EQ said...

Have you tried the earth probe antenna on 136kHz band? If so, how does it perform?

Roger G3XBM said...

Jan, I did (successfully) use an earth-electrode "antenna" at the old QTH on 136kHz but I have still to try 136kHz with the earth-electrodes at this QTH. If it acts as a loop the performance of the loop (in the ground) is quite effective, but other losses make results far worse on 136kHz. If signals are at least 20dB over noise on 472kHz then there is a chance on 136kHz. I believe the earth-electrode system at this QTH is not as good as at the old QTH. I want to erect a loop (in the air) for LF/MF work at some point at this QTH for the winter. It would come down in the spring.

Jan Lustrup LA3EQ said...

Fine Roger.....I,ve tried the earth electrode her, but there not very much soil her on this rocy island where I live. Maybe only 5 to 10 inches down before I hit the soild rock. I have tried a loop but was not very sucessful. The Marconi "T" and inverted L is so far my best options. Living so close to the seashore around this island seems to give me about 10 dB S/N improvment to friends inland east of me. I now use 100Watts to a 10 meter vertical wire going to 3 top wires 25meter long, up about 9 meters. It seems to work great on 136kHz, and VERY good on 472kHz. I have been copied in Canada already on 472kHz WSPR mode.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.