9 Dec 2015

2m and 70cm UKACs

It must be my age!  My XYL said last Tuesday "have you got a contest tonight?" I said, "no" thinking it was the end of November. Somehow I also read my email reminder of the 70cm UKAC too late last night.  So, I managed to miss both the 2m and 70cm December legs of the monthly RSGB activity contests, thinking it was the end of November still!

Incidentally, my article on the big-wheel antenna for 2m is in the January RadCom. If I had remembered, this is the antenna I would have used! It works well and is a horizontal omni with gain. Mine was very kindly erected by David G0LRD, to whom I am much indebted.


Abdel said...

You have not missed much on 70cm UKAC as the conditions weren't great, only had 33 qso's and given up at 9:45 :) enjoyed reading your review about the antenna on rad com today

Best Regards

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Abdel. I feel so stupid managing to miss these 2 contests!