4 Dec 2015

472kHz WSPR - same stations

It is sad that no new stations are being spotted on 472kHz WSPR.  Almost without exception, I am spotting the very same stations I have spotted night after night. We urgently need a few new stations on the band.  For several nights I have been among a very small number of UK stations transmitting. There are a few more on RX only, but this an interesting band and the low take-up puzzles me. It is not as if high power or large antennas are needed for WSPR.  Please, consider 472kHz.

UPDATE 1952z:  G3KEV (232km) has spotted me for the first time this evening. I know he has big antennas and a quiet noise environment. With my signal being very weak, this was necessary for him to copy me at all. I am grateful. As yet, I have still to copy him.

UPDATE  2220z:  Tonight DG3LV (707km) has become the most distant station to spot me on 472kHz WSPR this autumn.


Jan, OZ9QV said...

Have you considered an electrostatically shielded ferrite antenna for 472kHz reception ?
That could probably provide you with a better S/N ratio if placed in the most quiet place of your house/garden.
Vy 73 de Jan

Roger G3XBM said...

Jan, for some reason I have no issues with noise at 472kHz even with the RX preamp at maximum sensitivity. I think my earth-electrode "antenna" acts as a loop at MF and LF.