15 Dec 2015

6m WSPR spots of M0ICR (90km)

M0ICR (90km) has just been spotted on 6m WSPR. Good to see someone active! His drift was highish so maybe this was aircraft reflection or maybe it was just his rig stabilising? I think this is aircraft reflection as there is still what seems like Doppler on the signal after 3 spots.

I shall stay on 6m WSPR for an hour or so, then QSY for the evening and night to 630m (472kHz) WSPR and go QRT on 10m and 6m WSPR.

It is very unlikely there will be any 10m WSPR spots from the USA today, sadly.

UPDATE 1706z:   Looking at the trace of M0ICR's signal, it looks like rig drift. There are signs of aircraft reflection too occasionally, but I think it is the tropo signal that is being decoded.

1 comment:

M0ICR said...

Almost certainly some rig drift from my diminutive Ultimate 3 transmitter Roger. Nice to know someone is decoding my 6m WSPR transmitting from leafy North London - IO91SO.
Vy 73 Carl, M0ICR m0icr.blogspot.com