1 Dec 2015

All very quiet on 10m and 6m WSPR so far

It was a very quiet morning on both 10m WSPR and 6m WSPR with no spots at all. This is a bit surprising as I was expecting some DX spots on 10m WSPR today. We will have to see what happens this afternoon. On 6m I was surprised to see not a single spot. There was a strong carrier on 6m WSPR but I think his timing was off as there was no Doppler yet he did not decode.

UPDATE 1356z:  Still no spots at all today on 10m WSPR or 6m WSPR.


Paul Stam said...

Just spotted in Australia this morning on 10 meters (5 watts) 73 Paul PC4T

Roger G3XBM said...

Paul - proving it is worth sticking with 10m. I guess my 500mW was not enough!