8 Dec 2015


Although UK dealers are happy to take a deposit, I am not aware of a "final" (initial!) price or of any shipments. Maybe the design is still be optimised? I would hope that 5MHz is covered as standard as there will be a worldwide allocation (in most countries) from 2017 and some European nations have contiguous allocations of up to 150kHz I believe. Maybe they are looking at the FT991 to see if there are any bands/features that can/should be added?

Personally, I hope they release the 10W version in Europe as well as Japan. This would be a fine successor to the IC703. I'd buy one of these. Buy the 100W version? Probably not.

It is a pity 472kHz TX is not included in any Japanese (any?)  transceivers. I guess this design would stretch the PA and ATU designs too far.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I'm saving for this one. Although I would first wait till it is tested in real amateurradio life. Besides that I only take one if it has general coverage TX and RX. Otherwise I'm not interested.

See some new vids here: http://www.ham-radio.nl/nieuws/icom-nieuwe-videos-icom-ic-7300/

73, Bas