14 Dec 2015

MF and 10m WSPR today so far

All quiet on 10m WSPR, so far. I was expecting a few spots by now.

On 472kHz (630m) I am spotting G8VDQ (93km) and being spotted by M0LMH (223km) in daylight. Overnight the usual stations were being spotted and spotting me. Best DX on RX (no preamp) was EA5DOM (1525km) and on TX (5mW ERP) with earth-electrodes was DL-SWL (701km). I wish there were some new stations.

UPDATE 1308z:  Still nothing on 10m WSPR.  I am surprised.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I was on/off 10m today just listening with my ears. DId not hear a single station there. However around noon I heard some strong signals from Italy on 11m. Have been hearing several Russian stations on 12m today and tried TZ9A (Mali) on 12m RTTY, I did hear him with 447. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

10m WSPR was quiet here all day Bas.

Ken May said...

Hi Roger, I got rather excited when this popped up on WSPR:-
2015-12-13 03:08 ZL7QFD 0.475734 -32 0 NG98 0.1 G4APB JO01cl 12458 31
using my earth probe antenna. Sadly a false decode.

A happy Christmas to you and your family

73 Ken G4APB

Roger G3XBM said...

Hard luck Ken! A very happy Christmas to you and those you care about. .