16 Dec 2015

More WSPRnet issues

Like many, I monitor WSPRnet to see who I am spotting and who is spotting me.  In my case I often do this from the comfort of the lounge, whilst doing other things.  I notice that WSPRnet is very slow again today. In fact, the last few times I tried it failed to connect at all.

UPDATE 1525z:  WSPRnet seems to be working at the moment with a 472kHz spot of my 5mW ERP by M0LMH (223km) a short while ago. Sadly if WSPRnet is not reliable it rather ruins the "near instant feedback" of WSPR.

UPDATE 1652z:  If WSPRnet really is just done by volunteers for free I am amazed it is as good as it is. I for one just use it and milk it. Like many, as anonymous says below, I'd happily chip in some cash to help provide a reliable service. Not all can afford to do so, but I use WSPRnet each and every day just about. Without WSPRnet, WSPR would not be a quarter as good as it is.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Same problems over here Roger. We can't do anything about it. Just wait and see. Unfortenately all other programs and apps about WSPR are depending on it. They can't connect either. 73, Bas

Paul Stam said...

Hi Roger, there are often problems with wsprnet.org. Often very slow or even down so now and then. I think there needs to be substantial maintenance work on the server. WSPR is not useful even meaningless without a properly functioning WSPRnet.org. 73 Paul PC4T

Anonymous said...

There is a forum post in WSPRNet discussing the recent issues. I was shocked to read *speculation* that maybe there is no one maintaining the site. This whole program and "experiment" hinges on WSPRnet. Maybe Joe needs to build in backup endpoints and allow for other community sourced services. Yes, I know, fragmentaton. And I know this site is a tough one since the load profile is to hammer the server every 2 minutes then basically go to sleep. Maybe Joe should randomize the upload times between 0 and 30 seconds after decode.

I read about PSKReporter I think last last, i.e. it was hosted in a basement on a Comcast residential service! I think of all the apps with built in functionality to update PSKReporter.

I know we're "Amateurs" but I for one would be happy to pony up a few bucks for a decent hosting provider for these services that mean so much to the underlying modes.

Roger G3XBM said...

Anonymous - I agree. Because of my stroke I use WSPR a great deal these days and I'd chip in a few pounds if asked.