2 Dec 2015

Official "old fart" - NOT amateur radio

I am officially a boring old fart!

Coming back from my U3AC course on the buses today I could not help overhearing the word "like" interjected many, many times in every sentence by most youngsters! Also, most under 30 years old seem to be in love with their smart phones. In days gone by we'd actually talk, but these days this would be too much to ask.


G8JVW said...

I am glad it's not just me that has a hate of the use of "like".
Welcome to the boring old farts club.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Like ;-)

Steve McDonald said...

Roger - on a recent trip to Washington, DC, while standing on the platform for rapid transit, I looked across the track to the opposite platform and counted 23 people in a row on their personal electronic device before I came to one that was empty-handed! I guess the only thing that I find objectionable about this is that they are completely unaware about what is happening around them ... or don't care. I see the same thing in Vancouver, with pedestrians crossing busy streets with heads down and eyes glued to their devices. It's no wonder that there are so many pedestrains getting run over these days. I can see the time coming that it will be illegal to cross the street at an intersection while texting. Now that drivers have finally been banned from this, why not pedestrians next.


Dick said...

"Like" is soooo 1960's. Like wow!

Funny, the same ecology-minded and climate-control activists, protesting the overuse of the world's energy sources, are marching...most with a personal electronic device in their pocket. Then they go home and get behind their computers to blog about the event.

Anonymous said...

Blame Frank Zappa. "Valley Girl" song was supposed to be ironic, but
the airheads took it to their bosoms. Remember.. this was from a time before
smartphones, but I think he hit the nail on the head. Hugh G6AIG

Mike said...

Well said Roger. I am also a member of the same club. I have been on the same bus and mobile texters have bumped into me on the pavement.

Maybe the B.O.F.C should be made a national movement.

73 Mike 2E0YJY