4 Dec 2015


Not long ago I decided to go QRT on 6m WSPR (no spots) and fire up 630m (472kHz) WSPR instead. So far, their are zero spots on 10m WSPR, which rather surprised me. I am still on 10m WSPR too and will remain active on 10m WSPR until after dark. After dark, I shall be exclusively on 472kHz until Sat breakfast time.

UPDATE 1500z:  I see that LA3EQ (769km) has been spotted in broad daylight this afternoon on 472kHz WSPR. This is without the RX preamp. He is a few dB above the noise threshold with me. No doubt with the preamp in he would be quite a decent signal.

UPDATE 1614z:   Much to my surprise K9AN (6505km) spotted me on 10m WSPR at 1536z and 1538z this afternoon. After the poor start on 10m this was not expected.

UPDATE 1734z:  M0LMH (223km) has spotted my 5mW ERP on 472kHz several times in daylight this afternoon.


Jan Lustrup LA3EQ said...

Thanks for the daylight spot on 472kHz WSPR today..was this received with your earth probe setup or the straped vertical?
I am running 1,3 Amps RF to 10 meter high inverted "L", now with 3 parallel 25meter long top wires (each wire spaced 0,5m).

Roger G3XBM said...

All the time I am using the earth-electrode "antenna" Jan both on TX and RX. The electrode spacing is much smaller than at the old QTH. We moved to this QTH about 2 years and 3 months ago.

Jan Lustrup LA3EQ said...
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Jan Lustrup LA3EQ said...

Very impressive Roger....Good jobb...
Now if I only could decode you too!!!! Crossing fingers....Maybe Opera 8 mode could do it?