1 Dec 2015

Syria - NOT amateur radio

It looks likely there will be a free vote in the UK House of Commons this week on whether or not to join the coalition forces bombing targets in Syria.

As much as I hate the despicable acts being carried out, I very much doubt more bombs are the answer. All the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan seem to have the opposite effect on the number of terrorists in the world to that intended: there are now far more.

I am against the bombing Syria and believe a long term, fair, peace deal would achieve far more good.


Paul Stam said...

I don't know, sounds reasonable. Though, we couldn't stop Hitler back in 1939, what would be happened when we didn't took action against him? 73 Paul PC4T

Roger G3XBM said...

I agree Paul, but the evidence from recent activity in Iraq and Afghanistan shows we had no worthwhile plans for the peace. I know this is a difficult moral issue but we MUST have a credible plan for ending the conflict.