27 May 2016

No FT817 replacement announced at Dayton

So, there was no FT817 replacement announced at Dayton. In my view this means one is unlikely to appear ever now. I am amazed by the stupidity of Yaesu.  Yes, I know many are very happy with their FT817 units but it would have been so easy to upgrade it with a LiIon battery pack, an internal auto ATU and a speech processor. Darn it, they could even have reused the case and sprayed it a different colour.

No, they have well and truly missed the boat and they have only themselves to blame!

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

The FT-817 is unbeatable. Even the KX2 can not be compared. Although the KX2 has extra functions it does miss the 160m, 6m and VHF/UHF bands. In my eyes it is not a replacement for the more versatile FT-817. Indeed, Yaesu must be sleeping. 73, Bas